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Brand Story

A story that begins with a vision, a carefully woven story that envisions a world, where every garment feels cared for. And a mission to build not just a business, but an institution where every garment owner feels that his or her precious garments are secure, and in safe hands, and looked after carefully with commitment and expertise.

Any business has to be driven by values, as much by the need for commercial success. We believe that our values will define our trajectory.

We blend the latest in dry cleaning technology with old-fashioned values like transparency, caring, commitment, passion, and a deep abiding faith; that we will provide, “the best care for what you wear.”

Why should you believe us?

Safe Chemicals

The chemicals, those are being used for cleaning your precious garments are completely safe. They are pH neutral bio-degradable chemicals, which will not irritate or affect your skin or any body parts in anyway. They have also been infused with natural aromas to soothe your senses and provide an aura of natural well being.

Germ Free

The garments at Apparelogy are subjected to processes, which makes them Germ Free. The water, chemical and the process makes the clothes safe and contamination free.

Safe Handling

We study and understand clothes like no other. Each garment is minutely inspected by our Experts, pre and post processes. The garments are handled with utmost care to give them a perfect “looks new” finish.

Expert Care

We believe; we or none. The individual care we provide to each of your clothes are unmatched to any other. Be it stain removal, intricate pressing, delicate handle or the packaging, we do it with expertise. We have more than 100s of years of combined expertise to take gentlest care of your belongings.

Insured Fabric

We understand the time and value invested by you while buying your prized possessions. We also acknowledge the love and care you have for your clothes. Keeping this in mind, we have devised a way to handle any unfortunate and unintended event of a damage or a loss to any of your clothes by insuring your clothes. No questions asked, you are transparently compensated to the insured value in case of an accident.

Pick & Drop

Your time is as precious to us as it is to you; we take care of your worry of traveling and our executive will be at your doorstep ensuring the pick-up and delivery of garment(s) in the safest possible way.

We use safe pH neutral bio-degradable chemicals, which don’t irritate or affect your skin in any way; all your skin will feel, is the goodness of invigorating natural aromas.
Our state-of-the technology and processes ensure that your clothes will come out dirt-free, and what’s equally important; germ-free.

Our expert “Apparelogists” minutely inspect every garment, and we have in place, pre and post processes that elevate garment care to an art, what you send to us , comes back to you with a fresh, new feel and finish.

You can rest assured that from pick-up till delivery, the clothes are handled with the safest possible way.

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