Services - Apparelogy

Core Services

Cleaning / Care
The cleaning care for your precious garments is handcrafted by our professionals with soft water, safest chemicals and finally, hand finished for the perfect look.
Steam Press
Our dry-steam pressing technique evens out the toughest wrinkles on your garments and takes care of every nook to give it a spick-and-span finish.
Whitening of Whites
This process whitens up your whites with softened water and safe speciality chemicals.
Color Enhancement
Restoring of your garment’s colours to retain the original look is easy now with our colour enhancement treatment.
Keep your clothes crisp with our eco-friendly starch treatment. Define your desired crispness --light, medium or hard and we make sure they are starched just the way you like it.
Whether you gain or lose an inch or two, our alteration services will always keep you look fit.
Accidental tears or open seams are mended to your satisfaction with our mending expertise
Hiding the cut or a hole in your precious garments with our darning services will make it wearable without others noticing it.
Zip Fixing
Let our expert zip refixing service take care of that annoying zip that acts difficult at odd times.
Leather Cleaning
Pamper your favorite leathers with our nourishing treatment to keep it looking fresh and new.
Footwear Cleaning
Wear your footwear with pride. Let us restore them with our footwear cleaning services.
Bags / Purse Cleaning
Your choicest companion regularly needs nourishment to preserve its naturalness and we pamper them.